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Victorian Tile Samples

To ensure we provide complete customer satisfaction we are able to send you a maximum of 4 product samples from our range of Victorian Tiles, each sample will cost £1.00 each. We will also send you a voucher to claim the cost of your tile sample back if you re-order the final product with us, resulting in free product samples.

You can choose samples from the following ranges of victorian tiles:

  • Contemporary Colours
  • Dado Border Mouldings (not corner pieces)
  • Hexagons
  • Step Edges
  • Traditional Colours

Unfortunately it isn't possible to send samples of our patterns, borders and dado border corner pieces.

Because of the rapid turnover of our victorian tiles stock, it isn't always possible to send you a sample taken from our current batch, so when you receive your final order of tiles it may vary slightly from the sample you initially received. To avoid this and if an exact colour match is required, we recommend that you order one full item which will be taken from our current stock of tiles.

You will have to pay for this single item plus delivery and packaging but you can then be sure that the colours are to your satisfaction, as we are unable to accept returns without a handling charge which covers the cost of checking each and every sheet before we can return them to stock. We regret that if this single item is not to your satisfaction we are unable to make any refunds.

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